San Bernardino County Prosecutors Endorse Judge Arthur Harrison

Long-time and well regarded Judge Arthur Harrison has the full support and endorsement of San Bernardino County Prosecutors.

Every six years, judges in San Bernardino County, whether appointed or elected, must run for re-election.  In most cases, the sitting, incumbent judge does not draw an opponent who seeks to challenge that judge for his or her seat on the bench.  Sometimes, when a challenger does appear, their motives are not altogether selfless or community-minded.  For instance, attorneys who appear in front of a judge for the hearing on one of their cases may go away somewhat unhappy with the result, and that can turn to spite.  Spite is not a good reason to seek election to the Bench.  In any contested hearing in court, both sides typically go away with less than they had hoped for, and many believe that is the sign that the case was judged fairly and impartially by the judge who heard the matter.

The SBC Prosecutors will not support any candidate whose motives start with the need for revenge or simple personal grudge.  The Prosecutors want judges on the bench who are good for the community, who will listen to both sides, who will give fair hearings, and who will hold criminals accountable for their crimes.  Judge Harrison meets and exceeds those criterion.  It is with no reservation that Judge Harrison has our endorsement, and we encourage San Bernardino County voters to join us and reelect Judge Harrison!